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Lessons in the Alexander Technique

Lessons in the Alexander Technique are most effective taken one-on-one. You will be guided by hands-on work through various familiar activities such as sitting, walking, and standing, but with a rather different emphasis encouraging freedom and ease, improved balance and poise.

For musicians work with the instrument is often helpful and can help to encourage an expanded field of awareness, less tension and improved breath control.

photo of Alexander teacher holding the head of a pupil

You will usually be asked to remove your shoes, otherwise your normal every day clothes are fine.

Lessons last approximately 40 minutes and cost £50. There are a limited number of concessionary places available for students and those on a low income.

FM Alexander (1869-1955)

The man behind the Alexander Technique was an Australian actor who lost his voice and wanted to know why. The difficulties that he experienced in his early career led to some quite remarkable discoveries and through his teaching he was able to help people to recognise the way they habitually think and move.

After coming to London in 1904, Alexander developed his work writing four books about the technique and teaching many well known people of the time. He started a training school which continued after his death and now the Alexander Technique is taught around the world.

Scientific research and trials

There is ongoing research into the Alexander Technique and there have been trials into the effects of the Alexander Technique on chronic back pain, neck pain and Parkinson’s disease.

Information on the randomised, controlled trials can be found here . Latest research information can be found here .